Our Mission is to promote literacy in Kenya through the provision of recycled educational materials and technology.


Our Vision is to bring Kenyans on a book safari, to gain power through knowledge and literacy, to connect with the global network of ideas, to make reading fun, to mentally travel this planet and beyond, and to reflect on life and what is possible.

Tusome Kenya achieves its mission through four broad goals.
  1. Bringing books, desks and other educational materials to as many communities as possible in Kenya and involve the local communities in provision of librarian services. Kenya has a literacy rate of 85% but with limited public libraries, many do not have access to books
  2. Providing accessibility to technology through the provision of computers and laptops
  3. Promoting cultural and educational exchange by bringing volunteers from the US to Kenya to work with local librarians and teachers.
  4. Recycling books and educational materials from the US to Kenya.