Cultural Safaris are a way to visit rural Kenya and get to know the ways of her people in a safe, relaxed and flexible environment.

Majiwa Library is a small library that is set up in the compound of the homestay host in the village of Majiwa, not far from Bondo. This library caters to local residents (children and adults) who are about an hour by bus from the closest city lending library.  We have shipped over 200 books (mostly childrens so far) to this library, and hope to send many more in the future.

Young County Change Makers (YCCM) is a community based organization located in the Nyalenda slum of Kisumu Kenya. Our key targets are children and youth from vulnerable backgrounds in Nyalenda slums who are at a greater risk of dropping out of school as a result of lack of books, proper mentorship and motivation to education. YCCM has a library with books from Tusome Kenya, and also provides mentorship to youth.

Kirindo Initiative Community Based Organization is located North of Bondo, near Lake Victoria. They distribute books, clothing, and school supplies to children in the area.

Cultural Literacy Programs are designed to teach students in elementary and middle schools in the USA about life in Kenya.  We have conducted four of these programs so far, and the teachers and students found them fun and informative.