Traditionally in Kenya, it has always been the extended family and others in the village that have taken care of children when the parents are sick, injured or died.  This system has worked well for a long time, but is only now in the time of AIDS that the number of children needing help has overtaxed these traditional support systems.

We have found families in Kenya who are willing to take care of orphan children alongside their own children in their homes.  These families are prescreened to ensure that they will provide a good environment for the orphan child.

For 3,000 Kenya Shillings per month (about $40), you can sponsor an orphan child in Kenya.  This money pays for food, shelter, clothes, school and medical expenses.  Our system has no overhead costs.  Support should be planned for until the child graduates from high school. Please contact Brian Heaven (Link here) if you are interested.

Name: Mercy Akinyi (on left) Age: 16 Status: Sponsored since 2005 General Info: Enjoys English class, and very good at sports. Nickname is Conjastina after a famous female boxer.Name: Tony Odhiambo Age: 9 Status: Sponsored since 2012. General Info: Top student in his class, likes soccer.
Name: Michelle Lynette Achieng (AKA Michele Obama) Age: 5 Status: Available.  General Info: Likes to play mother with smaller kids, likes singing. Very cuddly.Name: Whitney Ashley Awour Age: 11 Status: Sponsored since 2012. General Info: Top 5 in her class, likes her Swahili language class.

Name: Jery-Lee
Age: 5
Status: Available
General Info: Likes to play mother with smaller kids, enjoys story time.
Name: Mercy  (to the right of Jery-Lee above)
Age: 4
Status: Available
General Info: Rather shy, likes to let Jery-Lee try things first.