Who We Are

Brian Heaven: Founder
His love of travel and teaching took Brian to the most rural part of Kenya where he taught as a volunteer teacher for a year. It is this experience that opened his eyes to the stark need for something that is taken for granted in the US. Brian's vision is to have a library in every village in Kenya. It is his policy not to stay at hotels when he travels to Africa. He will stay with the local families who are very happy to host him. "It is so much more enriching." He says. Brian holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Math. He has taught at various community colleges and Universities in Washington State and is currently a Math Instructor at Pierce Community College.

Liz Heaven: Founder
Born and raised in Kenya, Liz has been involved in community development work in Kenya for many years and serves on the boards of several youth and educational community organizations. When I was growing up, my greatest dream was to one day live in a house full of books…< Liz
"Turning ten was a very exciting time of my life, because it meant I was old enough to borrow books from the school library. My school must have had at most, twenty books and we got to exchange them every two weeks. It was so great and I could hardly wait for the two weeks to be over so I could get a new book. My very first borrowed library book was the children's version of Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations'. Oh, so exciting!" ~ Liz

Wendi Fein:
Wendi Fein brings her passion for kids, travel and teaching to Tusome Kenya. She spent 25 years teaching at the elementary, middle and high school levels and is currently teaching math and adult basic education at Tacoma Community College. She has combined her love of photography with world travels. Most recently she volunteered in Kolkata, working with street children at the railway stations. Sharing the gift of literacy and discovery continue to make her smile.